Football Player Last Scored

This project is being developed by a team of web designers with a goal of providing you with a great feature. Check when your favorite football player last scored a goal. We have selected most famous stars and keep track on their score statistics. During 2018 we will implement a technical solution, making it possible for you to view exact time since the player last scored.

Furthermore, apart from goal stats, you will also find the latest information about the player, news and transfer rumors. Our plan is to create the best online service for checking player goal statistics for football fans around the world. Beta version will be launched this year, so please be patient and wait for things to start happening at

We aim to provide you not only with data on players, but with team stats as well. Our time tracker will include information on both effective minutes played and on actual calendar time since last goal scored. If a forward, midfielder or defender switches the club, the stats will include information on total number of minutes, hours or days since his last goal.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or using the football statistics available at on your own site, please contact us at We look forward to creating the best possible service that makes tracking football player goals fun and easy. The tool and software that we are about to create can be used for a number of different sports.

As soon as the Beta version of our site is live, we will start working on collecting the data on next goal odds. We will provide you with betting opportunities on football player to score in his next match. If you would like to see any additional scoring stats that might be of help for betting on goal scorer, feel free to get in touch with us with your idea. We want to make to the best goal stats site there is with a vast number of different features.

Below you will find a list of statistical data that we intend to include in the Beta version of our football site:

  • Timer, starting with last time a player scored, showing actual seconds, minutes, hours and days since it actually happened;
  • Timer, showing effective minutes without goal for a specific player at the moment;
  • List of last football matches with a player on the pitch;
  • List of football matches that a player missed, as well as the reason of him missing a game;
  • Stats tool with filter, where you can view average number of minutes it takes for a player to make a goal within a time period selected or/and a specific team;
  • Available odds on your football player to score a goal in his next game;
  • Historical odds data, showing how profitable it is to bet on the player to score.

Welcome to We hope that together with you we will create the best goal scorer betting site in the world. Most of sites with stats and odds are boring. They contain too much data which is hard to find and difficult to use for your analysis. We are focusing solely on goal scorer stats and will provide you with an easy-to-use tool that works well on mobile devices. With us betting on football and following your favorite players will be much more fun!